Looking to meet the right person here in southern California?

 Elle France has been featured in FINE Magazine, Ranch and Coast and the San Diego reader as a Premier Five Star Matchmaker in Southern California. She also writes for the examiner as a dating advice specialist. Her boutique services have that “Jerry Maguire” approach that can help you find The One.   

As your dating agent, she will help you overcome your fears, obstacles, or whatever it is that might be preventing you from finding that perfect match. Don’t be just a face on-line with a profile. Hire an exclusive five star dating agent that will help you find your soul mate with expertise, sophistication and guidance. Your personal life deserves that professional attention just like your business. When it comes to love, you never want to leave anything to chance, especially if you are truly looking for a soul mate connection. You can contact Elle for a free consultation and see firsthand how a personal dating agent can give you the extra advantage you have been missing.

 “We live in a cynical world. A cynical world. And we work in a business of tough competitors. I love you. You…complete me.” ~Jerry Maguire

Those were Jerry Maguire’s words in a movie that is now legendary. If you are looking for The One to complete your life and you haven’t found your right match, Elle France can make that connection for you.

Elle France Dating agent


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