About Elle France

I am your own personal dating agent: I like to call myself the Jerry McGuire of
matchmaking. I am exclusive, discreet and confidential with your personal life. l love meeting new people, learning their stories and getting involved with their lives. You can call me at any time as a client. I will pick up the phone or I will call you right back. I am very hands on as your dating agent. I don’t take on a lot of clients. I am not Match.com; I prefer quality over quantity, which means I only take a limited number so I can be with you from start to finish.

I hand select everyone. My intuition is my top asset as a matchmaker. I have compassion for you and where you are in your life’s journey.

Some think that finding the opposite is the perfect match. However, opposites don’t attract. I want to find you someone with a like mind that stimulates you after the word “hello.”  As your personal dating agent, you can count on my guidance in helping you find that magical love connection.


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