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So often in dating we know who the right girls to pursue are and who are absolutely wrong for us.  It’s just a matter of whether we trust our inner voice or instead intend to merely satisfy our “most notable extremity”.

We know when someone genuinely appeals to us intellectually and spiritually and whether there’s potential for something meaningful but as men we often take the path of least resistance or choose the woman who appeals to our hunting instincts instead.  We go after the ones seem the hardest to chase.  The hottest girl at the bar who’s rejecting guys left and right.  The younger girl who says she’s just looking to have fun.  The party girl who jumps from event to event and man to man.  We feel compelled to win their attention.  It’s our competitive male nature.  We want to bring home the shiny trophy, be the Alpha male and the Big Dog all at once.

Once we get that hard to get girl…then what?  It’s boring.  We realize she’s not really that hot or is totally unevolved, boring to talk to and the idea of spending a whole evening with her brings a dread not easily erased no matter how mind-blowing the sex may initially be.

This year try instead to pursue women who are available and opened to receiving you.  Think about who’s going to make you happy in life rather than what’s going to make your privates happy tonight.  If you do it right, those two things do not have to be mutually exclusive.

by mike muson in the unfinished man