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Everyone has an idea who they feel the type of person they should be with. A guy sees a beautiful girl , he wants her. A girl sees a handsome guy, she wants him..But can they get the person they want?…..Of course

Acknowledge that there’s a wide variety of positive qualities. These days, when someone refers to a man or woman as a “10” or a “5,” of course they’re talking about looks. What that unfortunate numerical rating doesn’t take into consideration are the myriad unseen qualities a person might have to offer—intelligence, sense of humor, generosity, dependability, and so on. Remind yourself that appearance is just one among many traits to evaluate. I believe the barriers in place are only those created in the mind.

I know we all know how Howard stern gets that beautiful girl…I’m sure its not cause he has a great personality. Since he gets a great looking girl is she out of his league or is he out of her league because he is wealthy and famous? Howard Stern intellectually is probably out of a lot of our leagues, but he probably settled at times because he wants HOT….There is a trade off .

So is anyone out of anyone’s league?  No Way…..We all know what we want , and no one can tell us differently. If your a 6 and you want a 10 , get a 10. And if you need help finding a 10…..I will help you find a 10…Who says your a 6 anyway? I think you are a 10.