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Elle France Dating Advice

Welcome to ElleFrance.net.  I will be updating my dating advice and tips for you weekly. I will share with you fundamental basics that are always good to emphasize when it comes to the dating field. Plus, I’ll have entertaining stories for you to read here at ElleFrance.net. Are you looking to find love? If you live in Southern California, then I am the right ‘Dating Agent’ for you.

What sets my style apart from a regular matchmaker is I exclusively cater your match, your choice every step of the way.  If discretion and privacy are your first concern, this is what I pride my personal life on as well. As my client, nothing is more important than meeting your criteria first and how we work together professionally.

Dating and finding love isn’t always easy. I look forward to meeting you and developing a personal connection with you.  I can help you side-step all of the normal issues you face in the fierce dating world we live in today. After you feel comfortable with your right match, I am available for you if you need any advice or would just like to discuss how dates are going. I love all of my relationships with all of my clients.

After matching a client with a new date, I am always eager to hear the news, too! How exciting to meet and make a connection with a possibility this could be The One for you. I almost feel like I am on the date, too!

Please don’t hesitate to call me. This game of love is an exciting playing field. I look forward to meeting you soon.  You can email me anytime. Please include two recent photos.