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Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, ( it seems) has tried online dating…its an addiction. The feeling of having a “dating inbox” that causes you to obsess over what is in it every day, often filling up with sleazy messages like “You look like fun – let’s have some.” Call me crazy, but do you want to go on 30 bad dates in the hopes of having one good one?

 I’ve always been an advocate of quality over quantity.  It was ingrained to me at a very young age by my father who would always say ‘you get what you pay for!’ And let’s face it; it just makes more sense. Those shoes you paid a bit more for will generally last longer.

I still believe in chance meetings, locked eyes across the room, and the thrill of talking to someone in public which gives us that great nervous/ excited feeling.  But I know that with technology that the temptation of looking online and checking your cell phone constantly has taken over. “Something better , something better” is all that you think…..If that doesn’t get you what you are ultimately looking for then you are going to have to try Something different. Only you know what you want.