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 Misconceptions of matchmakers:

“Only millionaires use matchmakers Wrong! My clients are everyday people like you and I. If you look around the grocery store, gym and your workplace these people are my clients. Each single person is unique and comes with his or her own set of circumstances. Also each person has their own set of financial circumstances as well. I believe everyone deserves love and I will work with each person’s specific set of circumstances, both emotional and financial.

“ Losers only use matchmakers.” The age-old stigma of hiring a matchmaker makes you a member of the desperate hearts and lonely souls club is long past. In fact, hiring a matchmaker is the “in” thing to do. There are countless shows on matchmaking (not that they are always an accurate portrayal of what a matchmaker really does). As a matchmaker, I screen out people who are not emotionally ready for a new and healthy relationship; no one wants to meet someone who has too much baggage. The last thing I want to do as a matchmaker is set someone up for failure. I don’t take everyone on , I make sure that they are ready to be committed and open to having me help them thru the process of finding the right person for them. If someone has too many issues that are preventing them from dating successfully I chose to work on those issues first.

 ” If I hire a matchmaker everyone will know.” One of my top priorities as a matchmaker is to protect the confidentiality of our clients. You can expect the same type of confidentiality you would receive under the doctor/patient, lawyer/client relationship. I am here to protect and help you and not to humiliate you.

So, who hires a matchmaker?  Everyday people like you and I hire a matchmaker. People who are busy with their careers and/or family hire a matchmaker. People who don’t want to waste their time browsing through thousands of profiles online only to come out frustrated and dateless, hire a matchmaker. People who are serious and sincere about finding someone special to share their life with hire a matchmaker.

When you need your taxes done, you hire an accountant. When you want to buy a house , you hire a real estate agent. When you have a legal problem, you hire a lawyer. When you are tired of being alone, tired of wasting your time dating the wrong people , YOU hire a matchmaker.  That is what intelligent people do. So before you say you are not interested in hiring a matchmaker, be sure you have all the facts before making that decision.