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Can a matchmaker really find you a perfect match? This is what I do. I feel like I am extension of you when I am out finding a person that you are looking for. What you would like in someone, I like. What bothers you about someone, bothers me. To me its like an acting job, I take on your character, yet,  I don’t have any insecurities about getting all the info or being rejected or asking all the questions that you want to know. Because I am not out looking for me, I am looking for you. So it’s better than you doing it.  I am you when I see that beautiful girl or great looking guy that you would like and I ask the questions that you want to ask, I sit down and watch them behave.  I learn about them differently than you would. Their guard is more down with me and I can cut through all the BS. Then I know, I get that feeling that “yes they would be a good match for you.” Let me be you and find that match that you want to find. Let me go through that initial ‘meet’ to see if there is any potential to take a chance on for you. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was two of you?