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A Lot of matchmakers and matchmaking services have different ways they first make a introduction between people. Most just send photos and see which person clicks and then they give the phone number to the one person they want to meet.

I personally don’t like this way I think you should meet before you talk, of course after you have seen photos and your matchmaker feels this person is a good candidate for you. I feel its odd to just call someone you don’t know and expect to get the butterflies that are supposed to happen when you first see someone. When you are out in the world and you see someone that you are attracted to you don’t call them first. You react to the hormones that are going off and turn you on when you look at them.

Like anything else you need to find the service or Matchmaker that works for you , and that gives you a chance to meet someone in the most natural way……..this in the end will give you the best results .

I will put in a lot of time to find someone that you will want to meet …. the excitement you feel before you meet them is well worth the wait. IMG_9406 (2)