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That’s a funny question , because it has sooooo many answers.

I remember hearing stories over the years of women saying what great sex they had..and your thinking “really”…you don’t have to ask them , because you know they are going to tell you anyway…whats the point of having “great Sex” if you cant tell anyone?, (is what they are thinking)…and you know they are full of S%^&…but we listen anyway…because I don’t think they know what great sex is. Ignorance is seriously bliss. Since they have nothing to compare it to, everything feels fantastic , so they think or try to convince themselves.

Geez ..the stories…the dressing up and role playing ,the weird toys, the hot wax …doesn’t that hurt? ….the comments they say while making bad porn noises….that’s usually when I want to hide behind my pillow. The incense they light , and the things that their partner told them to say to them. And of course they had 12 orgasms…uh huh right! I think that they were trying to convince me and everyone else they told how great their weird night was.

Bad sex doesn’t become Bad Sex until you’ve actually had good sex. In fact, you could live your entire life thinking you were having the most mind-blowing sex until you meet someone who actually knows what they’re doing, and then you’re like, What the heck ?

So what is good sex?

Well to you it might be the thigh highs and George Micheal ” I want your sex” playing in the background… or it could be because you love someone so much that just being with them minus all the props feels like you good never imagine yourself being anywhere else. Plus you could never or would never tell a soul about how great it is, there is no words to describe it. The moment is truly sacred.