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How much is too much to disclose on a first date? How much should you reveal when entering a new relationship? I am personally not a big fan of letting it all out, although the wine might disagree. I think we have to remember that too much info is a turn off. You shouldn’t misinterpret a few head nods or a properly timed response as interest. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that it is a good idea to talk about your ex-girlfriend, who you still find sleeping on your couch every once in awhile. The attractive man sitting across from you is probably more interested in seeing you clad in leather than how “absolutely adorable” your daughter looked as pumpkin last halloween. Jersey Shore is not mysterious and fantasy football is not seductive. The human mind has a tendency to fill in the blanks with positive traits. Make sure there are some blanks left to be filled in.

We all have a past. Some more colorful than others. No matter how interesting you think you are, don’t forget that getting to know someone is just that. Get to know THEM. It takes time, a long time, to really know someone. Don’t rush. It is a first date, not a storytelling contest.  My personal opinion is that a Brazilian bathing suit is better than a g-string. You need to leave a little for the imagination.